Cables and Connectors

Cables and connectors are an important part of the PV system. It is important that the housings of cables and connectors are tested and that they are capable of withstanding wide temperature variations. This is why Libra Energy only selects products of high quality, and has selected HIKRA solar cable and Amphenol connectors.


Amphenol is also part of HIS Renewables. They are market leaders in interconnect systems for use in severe conditions.

Amphenol features

  • German quality
  • Connects easily to the industry standard
  • Complete cable combinations available
  • Highest electricity output in the industry
  • Can cope with the highest voltage in the industry

Hikra Solar Cable

HIKRA is part of HIS Renewables, which was founded in Germany in 1985. The cable is characterised by its clear colours and excellent guarantee.

HIKRA features

  • Very competitively priced
  • German quality
  • In case of proper use the expected lifetime will be at least 25 years
  • For use both above and below ground
  • UV, sun and weather-proof