We have always been real inverter specialists, and started out offering Victron and Mastervolt in the early 1980s. From providing autonomous energy systems to today’s grid-tied systems, we have gained extensive experience in international sales, service, applications and training. Today, this knowledge and expertise is vital in helping us select, develop and provide after-sales service for the inverters offered in our range.


SolarEdge is an Israeli company founded in 2006. SolarEdge delivers systems for controlling and monitoring solar energy generation.

SolarEdge features

  • Specially-developed system that maximises energy outputs
  • Extensive monitoring options
  • Active in over 88 countries
  • Listed company
  • Innovation guaranteed


GoodWe is a young Chinese company founded in 2010. Libra Energy is the official GoodWe service centre.

GoodWe features

  • Excellent price/quality ratio
  • Listed company since 25 December 2015
  • Extremely innovative focus with huge R&D department
  • High conversion efficiency
  • Extremely low outage percentage of 1%


Solis inverters are produced by the Chinese manufacturer Ginlong Technologies, founded in 2003.  Libra Energy is the official Solis service centre.

Solis features

One of the first grid-inverter manufacturers

Vertical production strategy to safeguard quality

High reliability through global certification

Inverters have a precise MPPT algorithm

Inverters have a wide input voltage range


Huawei is the biggest 3-phase inverter manufacturer in the world. VAMAT is distributorn in the Benelux for Huawei. Libra Energy is official reseller of the product.

Features Huawei

  • The biggest 3-phase inverter manufacturer in the world
  • Years of experience as supplier of network energy solutions
  • Thanks to numerous innovations you are assured of high quality now and in the future
  • R&D department of more than 76.000 employees
  • Active in 170+ countries