We have always been real inverter specialists, and started out offering Victron and Mastervolt in the early 1980s. From providing autonomous energy systems to today’s grid-tied systems, we have gained extensive experience in international sales, service, applications and training. Today, this knowledge and expertise is vital in helping us select, develop and provide after-sales service for the inverters offered in our range.


SolarEdge is an Israeli company founded in 2006. SolarEdge delivers systems for controlling and monitoring solar energy generation.

SolarEdge features

  • Specially-developed system that maximises energy outputs
  • Extensive monitoring options
  • Active in over 88 countries
  • Listed company
  • Innovation guaranteed


GoodWe is a young Chinese company founded in 2010. Libra Energy is the official GoodWe service centre.

GoodWe features

  • Excellent price/quality ratio
  • Listed company since 25 December 2015
  • Extremely innovative focus with huge R&D department
  • High conversion efficiency
  • Extremely low outage percentage of 1%


Solis inverters are produced by the Chinese manufacturer Ginlong Technologies, founded in 2003.  Libra Energy is the official Solis service centre.

Solis features

One of the first grid-inverter manufacturers

Vertical production strategy to safeguard quality

High reliability through global certification

Inverters have a precise MPPT algorithm

Inverters have a wide input voltage range


Huawei is the biggest 3-phase inverter manufacturer in the world. VAMAT is distributorn in the Benelux for Huawei. Libra Energy is official reseller of the product.

Features Huawei

  • The biggest 3-phase inverter manufacturer in the world
  • Years of experience as supplier of network energy solutions
  • Thanks to numerous innovations you are assured of high quality now and in the future
  • R&D department of more than 76.000 employees
  • Active in 170+ countries



Smartverter is the latest Libra Energy own brand. The Smartverter was developed in close collaboration with an Asian power electronics manufacturer. The manufacturing takes place entirely in Asia under an OEM contract. Our hybrid inverter enables storage of generated energy and can be used grid-tied and as a hybrid as well as off-grid. Storing energy enables you to be more independent and gives the ability to consume 100% of your own generated energy.

Smartverter features

  • Prepared for a future without net metering
  •  Independent of mains power: ideal for holiday homes
  • Easy to programme and review data via tablet or telephone
  • Permits charging at the lowest electricity price
  • Reliable product because of third party independence
  • Can be with LG CHEM, Tesla Powerwall and ZTE batteries