FAQ: How can I connect strings in parallel?

When connecting strings in parallel in a solar energy system, it is your job as the installer to take account of the following conditions:

  • The same brand and type of panels (with the same power).
  • Equal string length (the same number of panels in the string).
  • The same orientation, angle and roof facet.
  • Try to avoid shade.
  • Check the maximum Voc voltage, the minimum MPP voltage and the maximum MPP voltage (Vmpp) for the correct string length. This can easily be seen in the string configurator provided by the manufacturer.
  • Check whether the Idc (input current from the inverter) can cope with two parallel strings. For example, if the Impp (mpp current) of a panel is 8.5 A then the Idc of the inverter must be at least 17 A.

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